Hello, and thanks for the invitation!
Ive participated in several online games like Archeage, Eve Online, and Elite Dangerous; and im used to assisting in team dependent roles to follow an objective through. This includes safeguarding passage for trade, manning or commanding in game ships and resources with crews of 3-20 players on board; as well as scouting out routes against potential aggressors or pirates. In Elite Dangerous specifically, I spent alot of time bounty hunting against players who engage in unfair PVP combat and accumulate in game fines that equal to a payout, and have experience tracking these players over hundreds of systems in a 1:1 scale of the milky way through multiple in game solar systems with a player manned crew on board. The end result in each of these games is a more enjoyable environment and a steady flow of in game currency. I also enjoy mining and trading as I find it relaxing when Im not spooling up a drive while tracking a quarry.

Welcome to ADI Soulbender1! Glad to see you here. Looking forward to doing some mining ops with ya in the near future.

Welcome to ADI, Soulbender1!

I used to love ArcheAge, still fondly remember the 8 hour queues to get on the server when it launched. Seems you have a good pedigree in space sims. What ships most interest you in SC?

Hey, Soulbender1! Welcome to the org. It sounds like you are going to fit right in with the rest of us. Collaborative gameplay and attention to detail are important skills to have in this game. Recently, the org has been running and streaming organized campaigns. Get involved when you get a chance.

Welcome Soulbender1 to ADI, sounds like you enjoy space games! I’ve not played any of what you mention - but I loved Wing Commander and it’s ilk back in the day. Star Citizen is taking it’s time but shaping up really good! Glad to have you in ADI.

Welcome Soulbender to ADI, see you in the verse man =D

Welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

You should fit right in that all of that space flying you have in your backpack.
Played EVE Online myself earlier.

See you in the Verse

It’s great to have you with us Soulbender1, welcome to ADI. Sounds like you’ll fit right in with this group. See you around the verse!

Welcome aboard Soulbender! Looking foward to working with you in the verse!