Hi every one! thanks for having me! My in game name is SomeYank. I got SC back in 2016 played it for bout a week thn uninstalled it cuz of all the bugs. i just picked it back up bout a week ago and opted for the thrust master 16000 dual stick and i bin pullin my hair outa my head trying to dial it all in in free flight and van swarm and i havnt even done a mission yet so ima need some help i keep dying all the time.

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welcome to ADI! Glad to have you, see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI !

Try to regularly keep forums, Discord, and Mumble open.
That will help you sync up with all the fun activity.
(Those who don’t tend to miss out.)

Welcome yank… Not sure of the significance of the left one over the right one. buy if works for you it works.

ADI runs on these forums and a few posts on discord. check back here often and sign up for whatever interests you the most.

ha ha thts was in reference to the movie space balls back in the day. ill remove it. lol

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