Solved- Any advice to get Mumble Overlay to function with Windows 10 x64

Hello, I am trying to get the overlay function to work with Windows 10 x64. I cant get the overlay to function, even to desktop. Running an Nvidia 1080sc, so working around with nvidia drivers. Not sure if amd users are experiencing this.

Steps I have tried:
. Ran mumble as administrator
. Ran Star Citizen as admin second
.Enabled/Disabled Overlay Checkbox (some posts on this forum helped a few with this method)
. Tried enabling overlay with key-bind
.Reverted from 1.3.0 to the snapshot version, but no luck. So re-updated back to non-snapshot latest version
. Added Star Citizen.exe and RSI exe under whitelist, exceptions, and allowed paths.
.Ensured no other applications such as MSI afterburner or other third party overlays werent running.
.Ensured my antivirus has mumble added to exceptions and no restrictions to microphone access
.Restarted computer to see if a reboot would help.
.Checked to make sure Nvidia Overlay and Microsoft Game Mode were off, those can interfere with certain apps.
.Turned off overclock settings on my monitor

Right now I’m at a stand still and was curious if anyone might have some suggestions. Thanks

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I remember hearing something about using Steam, but honestly I use two monitors so this has never really been a need for me.

Try this.

Go to configure > settings and select overlay, then select the overlay exceptions tab.

Overlay exception mode: launcher filter.

Add the RSI launcher to the “allowed launchers” section.
Add star citizen.exe (from both the PTU and Live folders) to the allowed programs section.
Do not add them anywhere else. Apply it and then close and re-open mumble. and then start star citizen.


You are a genius!

Removing the starcitizen.exe from allowed launchers and applying it only to allowed programs fixed the problem. I’m using an ultrawide setup so I have the real-estate for the overlay, but dont have the space for a multi-monitor setup.

Thanks again to both you and Ochi. I will recommend this method to anyone else having issues with mumble overlay. See you guys in the verse!

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