Hi all,

I’ve been a SC backer since Nov 2012, never really looked at joining any orgs but got an invite from ADI via the RSI website, so I figured why not give it a shot. I’m located in Vancouver, Canada.

I’m probably going to be a pretty casual player, depending on how engrossing the game turns out to be :mrgreen: Not really interested in PVP at this point.

I currently own the following ships, in no particular order:

  • Drake Caterpillar
  • Origin 300i
  • Origin M50
  • Aegis Dynamics Avenger Titan
  • Aegis Dynamics Gladius

Looking forward to seeing you all in the 'verse!

Hey Slikk!

Welcome aboard! You’ll find yourself right at home here, casual or hardcore, marine or pilot. I think once things really get up and running in the persistent universe and we have all our training and certifications sorted there’ll be a lot of engrossing opportunities :slight_smile:

Love your selection of ships, I’m really a fan of the Origin ships (albeit I no longer own any). See you around!

Hello Slikk,

welcome to ADI. Like you I am a backer since 2012. Now I can t for 3.0. Like Notuh said, you will find yourself a new home here. Real life always comes first in ADI but whenever you re online, feel free to join us in discord and mumble.

See you soon around there and the verse.

Welcome to the party Slikk!

We’re glad to have you. Nice ship line-up, by the way - what do you mainly want to do in the verse? Trading?

Looking forward to playing with you!


Hi Slikk,

Good to see an original backer join us :slight_smile:. You have some hopeful ships in your fleet as well. Looking forward to getting to know you more. Welcome friend