SJDigriz New recruit

Hello, I’m Jeff … but I use SJ Digriz or just SJ
Just getting into Star Citizen and this seems like a cool group to figure things out with. I think Exploration is probably where I’d fit best to begin.

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By the way, SJ Digriz is from Slippery Jim Digriz … Stainless Rat books … I uhm … might have earned that nickname back in the AF days.

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Welcome to ADI

Hey @SlipperyJimDigriz , great to have you here and welcome to ADI. We are a pretty active community with a variety of events planned regularly, pick any that tickles your interest. I see you have an interest in exploration, thats great though I would say to participate in as many events as you can cause you meet a lot of intresting and friendly people and some of our gameplay can be a pretty immersive experience. Discord would be the place to lookout for activities and feel free to meet new people and ask questions on our mumble channels too.

Hey thanks for the kind words, but it looks like my name isn’t acceptable for some reason I don’t quite understand. So, I may not be allowed to join. But, best of luck to everyone.

We have a rule that requires that names be easy to pronounce by looking at them. The staffer who is doing the onboarding makes that call. I’m sorry but I’d suggest you work with a staffer and come up with a new handle that still is a reference to the book series.

For example: SlipperyJimDigriz is currently an unused RSI handle.

If you look at our join page here: Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries | Atlas Defense Industries

This is the handle rule:

Your name must be easily pronounceable and not tactically confusing. Avoid using names that are difficult to pronounce or spell (such as “Xanthippe”), or that could be misinterpreted as military designations (such as “Alpha1” or “Bravo3”). Additionally, avoid names that contain leet speak (such as “l33tSn1per”).

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