Sinnistrad Introduction

Hello all!

I’m interested in joining ADI, my RL friend Dayta said this was a good group of captains with a wide range of resources. I’ve been playing online games since UO launch on great lakes. Former handles over the years are Nicodemus, Ansolon, Plague Lord, Sinnistrad, Criptic to name a few. I’m hoping to join the specialist corps as that’s where I have invested a majority of my ship resources.

Holler if you served on the Wisky or Carl V.

Hi and welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

Let us know you need any help with the onboarding (joining) process. :smiley:

Welcome aboard we are very glad to have you!

Welcome Sinnistrad,

glad to have you on board! Be sure to continue to hop into Mumble every now and then in order to help familiarize yourself with a few of the many ADI members. I Hope to see you at the next Friday night flight night, and welcome once again.