Silly question here

Do I need to retrieve my ship for transporting refined ore before I go to the console to load it up? I did not do that last night and the server 30K before I could summon the ship to travel. Nothing was in the hold of my Atlas when I logged on another server.


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In my experience I do not need to retrieve the ship. I go to the refinery, load up the ship, go call it to the pad, and fly away. I know sometimes the boxes don’t show up physically in your ship when you load it up, so if you think the ship is empty because you don’t see any boxes on the cargo grid, then potentially they are still there. I don’t know how to check cargo easily, maybe go to admin and try to buy something and see if some of your ships cargo is already taken up.
If it’s just invisible you can still sell it somewhere.

As long as the cargo ship is stored at or landed at the R&R station, you’ll be able to load ore. It is rare, but always the possibility someone could try to mess with your ship (push of the pad, blow it up) before you get to it. Therefor I recommend you do not spawn the ship until you are ready to leave.

There is a bug where Quantanium and some other commodities are not visible in the ship, but they are there. I’ve never had an issue with it, but if you feel the need to verify before you spawn it you can check a terminal in the Galleria Admin Office.

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