Hey guys, thanks for the invite-

I’m very excited for Star Citizen to be released- my previous favorite game was Ace Online, where I was the ace medical/support pilot of the top brigade Immortal.

I’m looking to rebuild that skill and notoriety in a brand new immersive game where I’ll be able to tie my skills across all game genres together.

Currently I’m flying a Buccaneer and also a Hornet Ghost.


Hello Shunpo. Welcome to ADI.

Sounds like you have some ideas for what you want to accomplish in Star Citizen. From what you said about being a medical pilot I’m surprised you don’t have a cutlass red. Ready to explore some different elements in SC perhaps? The hornet ghost is an interesting ship. It should be fun sneaking into areas undetected and being able to unleash fury.

Finally, I don’t believe you have been onboarded yet. If not, when you have a chance, hop in our Mumble server and we’ll get you all set up. (Mumble Setup Instructions)

Hi, Shunpo nice to meet you, Buccaneer is a great ship with heavy firepower. look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI Shunpo Looking forward to Flying with you.

Hi Shunpo,

Those are some nice ships. It’s great to have you with us. Now is a great time to join with 3.0 coming out sometime soon. Be sure to hop on mumble to play some games with other members while await more SC content to release, and to play what we have available. I look forward to getting to know you and play some games with sometime. All the best to you

Welcome Aboard Shunpo!

Ghost and Buc huh? Nice choices, and Recon Pilots are always needed. Hope to see you in Mumble, and if you have any questions about the Org or Star Citizen in General feel free to PM me or catch me when I’m on Mumble :smiley: Look forwarding to flying with you!

Hey Shunpo!!
I remember playing Ace Online a long time ago! It was one of my first online games!
I can´t wait to meet you in the verse!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Shunpo!

The Bucc and Ghost are two great ships, I really like the functionality of both. See you in the verse!

Finally got onboarded today, thanks for the warm welcome!

If you ever need any help feel free to leave me a message :wink:

Hey Shunpo, Welcome to ADI. good ship choices, if you ever want to play with other ships just ask, we are all are happy to lend out any you have an interest in. see you in the PU>

Welcome Shunpo,

Congratz on getting onboarded into ADI. Looks like you’ve found the right group of people to play with. I like what you said about finding notoriety and combining skills from different game styles. I think those things are some of the same things that really drew me to Star Citizen as well. Looking forward to flying with you soon.


Welcome aboard!