Ship Spinning on Take off

Can someone please help me diagnose what’s wrong with my computer / game / settings?

During IAE 2950 last week, I logged on and attempted to fly to Port O. I found that any ship I attempted to fly would immediately begin to spin out of control on take off. This is also done when I enter a turret, making the turret constantly spin.

I’ve now twice or more times gone through all settings in the game, and wiped my USER folder several time. I’ve also removed SC and installed it.

Couple days ago I also had my account reset. Somehow, I’m now stuck at Area18, though I don’t remember landing there in weeks.

It maybe my mouse and keyboard (wireless), but these have been working perfectly well with every other program, and have worked perfectly until this bug, so I don’t see how it could be a hardware issue.

Looking up it up in the issue council it seems some other people started having this problem a couple of months ago, and a similar issue was supposed to have been fixed 5 years ago.

UPDATE 1: I have now uninstalled, cleaned up the registry, rebooted and reinstalled my mouse and keyboard. No change.

UPDATE 2: I figured out the problem - the latest Windows update seems to have remapped by Blackhog controller. I forgot I plugged it in, since I tucked it behind my monitor months ago. Link for anyone interested.

Figured we should keep this post, someone else down the road finds that windows update remaps one of their controllers.


I had a similar issue… After days of frustration I noticed that my son had left his Xbox controller plugged into the pc. The controller cable was wrapped around the pad and was pressing on of the movement sticks into a position which made my ship rotate☺️


There’s a similar bug that often plagues the ships I drive. My spinning typically begins when I come out to Quantum travel. My usual workaround involves removing my helmet, saving my uniform loadout and then switching to another helmet or not using a helmet at all. A variation of that works about 60% of the time. The rest of the time I have to hit the backpace key.

I’ve not got a clue :confused:

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