Ship selection

Hello fellow Pilots,

I need some advice which Ship i should get.
First some information i got the AMD Game Package and i have already a Mustang Omega but i want a ship with some Cargo Capacity
and some teeth so not every Pirate can kill me so easily. i want to trade and mine in the corp and for private money. having some combat abilliities would also be nice.

actual Ship: Mustang Omega
doesnt suit my needs, its weak and has no Cargo
Variant 1: Buying a Aurora Legionar and upgrade Cargo Box from 16 to 36 Freight Units
Tradoff: Cost 33 €
Plus: i keep the Omega as additional Ship

Variant 2: switch Omega to Gamma Hull and buy cross Chassis upgrade to the Aegis Avenger
Tradeoff: i loose the Omega
Plus: costs less than 5 € got 32 Freight Units without mods

Does the Avenger is stronger than the Aurora Legionar?
Any Suggestions?

The Avenger is a fantastic ship. It can fit a size 5 engine (that’s big for its size) it has decent cargo capabilities and has some missiles and decent guns too. It’s probably the best all around ship I’ve seen yet. Oh, and apparently it’s the biggest ship that can actually land in an Idris’s hangar bay.

That’s my opinion, and I’ve only been Really learning about ships in the past couple weeks so hopefully some more knowledgeable guys will respond.

Avenger all the way… 1 key difference, Pressurized Cargo Bay.

Yup, Avenger…any day every day. Although there is an argument for the Cutlass, this is just in my opinion, but until that ship is fixed of all its problems…then yes, the Avenger

Avenger. It also comes with incredibly ugly wingtips if that’s what you fancy.

I actually think the Avenger looks like a futuristic sub-orbital fighter craft instead of a space craft. Now that’s my imagination talking though :slight_smile: I like the look a lot though!

It would, if the wingtips pointed forward.

OK the pressurized Cargo convinced me. I will upgrade to the avenger.

Thank you all for your Input.

I also think that the Avenger is one of the most beautiful ships in game

Is it me or does the Avenger feel weaker than the Mustang “Mosquito” Delta or is the Delta over powered?

With my experience, the Delta has better firepower than the Avenger and is more maneuverable than the Avenger, meaning that it can take down enemies a bit quicker than the Avenger. However, the Avenger is more durable than the Delta so it can stay in a furball longer to make it’s weapons work.

The Avenger is also faster than the Delta, so it can get out of a sticky situation better than the Delta can.

I have to agree with Dart. After we went head-to-head for several rounds last night in AC.

Actually, I wasn’t flying the Delta for that (it doesn’t have missiles :wink: ). I was flying the Gladius. However, the Delta maneuvers just about as well as the Gladius (not quite as well due to it’s speed), hits harder than the Gladius, but is slower and has a higher tendency to black out.

I haven’t flown the Delta much since 1.1 went live. I did, however, fly it a fair bit tonight and made the first 3 waves of solo VS in about 6 minutes, it took me about 10 minutes in the Gladius.

Does anybody know if the Avenger will be a good enough ship to use it in the Fleet Security Division?
In fact, will there be a minimum ship requirement/configuration to be a combat pilot?
Given the prisoner pods, and solid construction, I think it will be a great bounty-hunter-type ship, though.

Their will be variants for the Avenger though.

That’ll be nice. Somebody had a few cool ideas already… :wink:

More “flavors”:

Oohh… I like that variant!!!

I had my first try at the Avenger today. I have flown the Aurora LN and the Mustangs Alpha and Beta.
The Avenger is a bit faster than the Mustangs (top speed 220, while Mustangs do 200 and Aurora LN does 150). The equipped missiles are a sweet addition, but you need two to score a kill. The Mustangs come with front and back shields, while the Avenger has additional lateral shields. With the Avenger you can eject, but (for the purpose of Arena Commander) it is the same as dying.
The Mustangs have great maneuverability. The Avenger has good maneuverability (better than the Aurora, since it has a more powerful engine and power plant), but I noticed that when you start to get hit you lose maneuverability badly and several times I ended up drifting in space with no control whatsoever. Is it because the engines are huge and therefore are an easy target?
I did not experience losing maneuverability with the Mustangs. You lose the wings, sometimes the front turret and then you are blast to pieces. :slight_smile:
Has anybody else had the same experience?

Well, after playing a little longer with the Avenger, I have to admit that it can take heavy fire and still fly around… I did get an engine on fire and it went obviously offline. :slight_smile: Bottom line, it seems the simulation is quite detailed in regards to the type of damage you can get and its repercussions on your ship…

Tigerstreik cannon. Enough said.

That being said. I had an Avenger and a Delta. Got rid of the Delta some time ago for those very reasons. Yea it is very maneuverable and packs a mean bite. But it is not very resilient and it is just not a good fighter in a drawn out fight against multiple opponents (unless the pilot is very skilled but that’s another matter). This ship makes a great support ship and I’ll probably get another in the PU, but its not something I would want to rely on as my main craft.

Hi Folks,

I rented an Avenger and the side guns are Size 1. I know this is not definitive and it could change later on, but wanted to check with those who own an Avenger whether they have the same configuration. The technical overview says they are Size 2 mounts… … olo-viewer