Hey everyone and thanks for the invite! Long time Sim player first time SC player. Literally picked it up last night. Been dragging my feet on this one for probably 5+ years and finally pulled the trigger. Long time player of Arma, Elite Series and X Series of sims. Looking forward to some more Space trucking and exploring what seems to be a well crafted world if not buggy world, but as someone who has spent many hours in numerous X games, bugs are easily tolerated. Also, i spent what time i could trying to get acquainted to the controls last night and if anyone has any tips on setting up a Thrustmaster Warthog, they would be greatly apperciated.


First, welcome. Hopefully you can jump in mumble and complete your onboarding.

As for the Warthog, I don’t own one but know many in ADI do and the game (last I saw) has a preset for the Warthog already in the game.

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I aim to get it all completed this afternoon as soon as i can get away from work.

I didn’t get a real chance to try out the flight controls, spent most of my time yesterday getting familiar with the interface and keyboard bindings.

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Welcome to ADI, see you in the verse. If you have any questions like me know

Welcome aboard!

Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you don’t miss out on activities!


Welcome, hopefully I see you in mumble soon, get your onboarding and join us when you can.

ADI runs on these forums and few discord posts. check them often and join us in mumble daily to hang out and play.