Severe video Lag in SC 2.5

Hey everyone… My son has a laptop running Windows 10 and the PC has an i5 (??) w/ 8GB and a GTX 940m. He’s got the latest nvidia drivers and does not have an antivirus installed (uses Windows Defender) and he’s ran Malware Bytes and found no problems…

Anyway… he launches the game from the launcher and gets to the main menu then upon going anywhere that has moving video including ‘my hangar’ any video is constant stuttering or what looks like lag… He confirms its unplayable so I’m curious if anyone has a similar computer that the game works on and if so then any ideas you might have.

He’s tried the games lowest video/display settings at 1920 x 1080 as well as 1440 x 900 and the same issue occurs… He can also run youtube videos full screen at 1920 x 1080 with no problems… so likely not internet but unsure here depending on the games bandwidth requirements.

I don’t have the machine with me but if I can’t answer your questions then I’ll be sure to ask him… but otherwise, I’m pretty much out of ideas and I can understand his machine might be below the lowest required hardware specs so maybe he just needs to wait for better optimization (or to get a better computer) but if anyone can think of anything then thanks in advance.

~ Nibirru

Keep in mind this game still isn’t optimized yet for resource usage, which from my limited understanding would happen later in the development process.

That said the 940m should be “playable” for the game. There are Youtube videos showing this GPU running SC. My 750Ti benchmarks similarly and gets between 15-35fps depending on where you are. The CPU is good as well. Your big limitation in the 8GB of RAM. I routinely go over 8GB when running just 2.5 and Mumble. The big hangups he is having is probably when he runs out of RAM and depending on swap space on the harddrive.

One last thing to keep in mind, even with a bleeding edge system, your biggest limiter will be the netcode that the current build runs on, at least in areas other than Hangar.

Just my quick assessment of what I see.

Thanks for the info Nomedias… I’ll take that into consideration… but this netcode you speak of… Is that something we can modify on the client side or just what it happens to be on the server side and one of the ‘many’ things we just need to wait for a better build?

~ Nibirru

The netcode is all backend stuff. Nothing you can do on the client side to change it.

Also, as Nom said, the game isn’t optimized yet. CIG still has a lot of work to do before they start to get deep into optimization but it will happen. At this point, I wouldn’t expect it to run well, at all, on most laptops. Eventually it’ll happen, though.

I would have to agree with the earlier statement.
From my own usage - I’ve seen a noticeable performance boost with 16GB+ RAM setups. Especially with Star Citizen in its Alpha form.