Seeking Org-mates for pew pew shenanigans 7-15 3pm EST

Hello ADI, I will be home this afternoon Wednesday the 15th, by roughly 3pm eastern. I aso have tomorrow off. Looking to do some small gang shenanigans consisting of any of the following:

-Hammerhead pewpew. Not just claimjumpers but any mission with a high volume of targets. HH has been upgarded to full attritions except the top turret which is M6A cannons.

-Ground vehicle bunker assault. Just found out the URSA’s 4 jump seats work. I want to get this thing full of ADI ready to clear bunkers. 2 versions of this. Land mothership far off and drive in or, try air-dropping from low altitude. Most likely use a Carrack here for medbed. May also try airdropping Dragonflys, aka, space Harleys

-Small fleet assault. Everyone garbs a single seat fighter and we clear space missions. Claimjumpers, Hurston space, mercenary force. Goal here is spectacle, fill the area with tracer and laser fire. May also attempt NPC bounties. Assuming all ships are same size I would also like to try having everyone equip the same drive and we attempt some synced up QT.

-Speed run 890 missions. We all know these are timed which is handy for attempting speed runs. These are also bug ridden but I have a workaround for all but 1 bug so I want to pass this knowledge on. Might also attempt synced up sniping of targets in hanger from space or side of drop ship, Valk and Prowler come to mind here. Also group bed-logging. Sharing bunks not required but always encouraged.

-Medic play, sort of. Focus here would be using a cutty red to do missing crew and missing persons missions in space or on ground. Strongly encourage scooping up some of these space popsicles with cutty to see what happens when they hit gravity.

-Cave diving. Not expecting a lot of interest here but aways wanted to try using flares to actually find some of these bodies and make it back out. Flares are cumbersome to use so more people the better


I’m working :frowning:
Like the cave idea though

I’m always in if I am off by then

I’m down. Be watching for ya to login. :slight_smile:

I should be on then.

Look forward to seeing you guys in the verse, we will make the pewpew

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