SCopes (and sights) - quick reference visual

I starting keeping pics of the various optics i’d found, maybe others will find this useful as I can never recall which name looks like what reticle etc. It isn’t yet comprehensive as I know there are some scopes I don’t currently have, but if I find more I’ll update.

Center pic is noscope looking at a 'Deemer 90m away. Lower center is the key for each of the pics around the center. I found the reference pic handy in comparing the various mag strengths.

Note that the “Black Prism” 8x and “Omorof” 16x are still bugged even in official ADI uniform (tested in both Medium and Heavy outfits): when ADS with these scopes, half or all of the screen is just a blank color (it’s some horrible clipping issue with the sights being misaligned and the viewport winds up inside your armor).

They aren’t bugged from all angles, but I wouldn’t recommend using them as it’s pretty random and you don’t want to suddenly be blank screen at a critical moment. The two bugged ones aren’t really great anyway IMO.

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Very nice! I love using the Behr 4x myself and you can often loot it from 9tails too with a P4!

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Yep, and while it looks like a short scope, it like a reflex sight, doesn’t mask your view like normal scopes. (For those new to bunkers: check the P4-ARs lying on the ground, if you see one with this scope, grab it! Pull the scope off and toss it in your backpack, or a few will even fit in your Core armor storage.) Unlike the higher scopes, they will go on nearly any rifle.

In most gameplay I haven’t found a need for the 16x or even the 8x; the exception was during Siege, where I took Jay’s advice and played “cover sniper” from ledges and boxes for most of the event, with an Arrowhead. I suppose in PvP the extreme ranges would be useful too.

Just curious-
Did you submit a bug report or somesuch to the CIG demigods?

I think it’s already known - when I first noticed it, Jay mentioned that this bug was one of the reasons behind the choice of ADI uniforms; that they’d tested a number of armor sets and the ones we’re using exhibited the bug far less than the others. But I suppose I’ll check on Spectrum to make sure these specific scopes are in the report. Good thought.

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Nice bro.


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