SC Noob Hardware Inquiries

After doing a BUNCH of reading, watching and learning how to set up and get around a bit in SC, I have some hardware related setup questions. I’m going to be using CaliJoshua’s Thrustmaster Warthog profile. Still reading and sorting through the steps and will begin the install process soon. I just finished installing SC today. All seems good. I have read most of the online SC guides and watched many hours of beginners vids. Gettin there! 20 years flightsimming, 5 years DCS, 1 year Elite.

I have never been a FPS gamer. I’m a pilot. That’s not a judgement call, it’s just they way it is. Never had to worry about walking around in Elite Dangerous. Never installed Odyssey (thankfully).

I did however see I can use an Xbox controller, wired version) in game as there is a profile for it in SC.

But… in reading CaliJoshua’s install guides he has me removing EVERY default bind prior to installing Thrustmaster Target software, setting up the profile and learning to use it “as a pilot”!

Question: Should I hold off seting up the Xbox controller first, which is they way I was headed before giving it more serious thought. Will the TM Warthog Profile allow me to move my character around ie… WASD as well as fly/weapons/sheilds?

Or… should I set up the Xbox controller, then learn which Binds in game to retain for it for ground movement and then move on to the Target Profile Software to fly?

Hopefully this makes sense.

Just have not, in 20 years, had to worry about BOTH a moving character on ground as well as pilot/hotas/weapons/sheild systems.

Thanks for any help here.

  1. If you plan to fly in combat, I suggest the TM 16000 Hotas for a low budget quality option and the TM Warthog for the high end more precise option. Some members are using a Virpil HOTAS which seem to be better quality than the others, it’s going to cost you, and not really supported/suggested by the Org (yet) but a lot of members use them very well. And there are some members who are using keyboard. It will be really hard to complete Combat Fighter Pilot 1 or higher with a keyboard/Xbox controller. So if a fighter pilot is your org desire, that is what I would do. In the end, what it comes down to, is what you are most comfortable with and you can be a beneficial member during operations in combat formation(s).

  2. Yes, you can still move around with HOTAS connected using the keyboard and even an Xbox controller. I have all three conected and can use them all. The xbox controller was for Fallout 4 (I have a mod that allows it) but I have used it for vehicles in SC.

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The default bindings you remove are only for the Joystick/HOTAS, and they do not impact the Gamepad.

I use the keyboard to move my character around and HOTAS to fly. The Gamepad is nice for ground vehicles.

I hope you enjoy the profile.

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Hi Cali… I REALLY appreciate you weighing in on this post. You understand exactly what I was trying to ask. I realize I have a long grind up the learning curve with Target as well as learning to fly in SC. I’ve been using my TH Warthog setup in DCS for years now both the A10C and F18 Hornet. Even had about a year with Elite. I’m loooking forward to becoming an ADI pilot.

I’ll sign up as one of your Patrons at the end of the month. I’m an avid manual reader and your instructions are suberb. Always good to have backup as I get up and going.

Have no FPS gamepad experience, save for my limited time with my 10 year old grandson. Need to spend time in SC just getting use to ground ops. He will be estatic, I guess this makes me a “gamer”! Thanks again for showing up and answering my question.

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Keyboard/Mouse for FPS, stay away from gamepad’s for FPS movement and combat.


I enjoy helping people with gaming and avoid the inherent frustration of getting setup. I am glad you are getting into SC it and DCS is far more of a study sim, but there is tons to learn in SC. Jay is correct Keyboard and Mouse is best for FPS, HOTAS for flying, and a gamepad for ground vehicles is how I approach it. Gamepad came from messing about in GTA 5.

Gamepad is great for vehicle movement and hover bikes

For Flying, a Hotas is the best option (stay away from the dual stick myth, that’s only something for 1 vs 1 dogfighting people, but not for playing with others)

For FPS, use Mouse/Keyboard

Mouse/keyboard isn’t the greatest for flight, but you always have one and it can be helpful to learn some of the keyboard ‘backups’ for functions you may have assigned to your Warthog. And some things are hard to find space for on even a well-appointed HOTAS - I still use the keyboard numpad for shield facing, because I just don’t have a hat to spare after everything else.

One thing I would suggest you get a handle on straightaway is how to export your keybinds between major updates, as one of the steps CIG recommends is almost always ‘delete your USER folder’ (which is where those keybinds live). If you get them how you want them, export them and move the settings file to another spot so they’re backed up and don’t get deleted when you clear out your USER folder. Some info here.

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