Hello all,

I come here as an inspiring new recruit in the security division. I’ll be training every day to improve my tactical maneuvers, my marksmanship and to be a team player when our Organization requires of it.

Hello Azhorabali,

Welcome to ADI,

I m glad you join us. It s nice to see members who wants to be the best at one specific thing. In your case, your tactical maneuvers. Who knows, I m sure I will have to learn about it and maybe you will show us them. Whenever you have time, make sure to come soon in Mumble to finish your onboarding. So you will get full access to the forums and discord. Either me or another staff member will take care of you there.

See you soon

Greetings and Salutations Azhorabaii!

Welcome to the Jungle, by what I can tell what your looking forward to in a Organization. I think we will meet up in Fleet Security! Look forward to flying with you in the future sir, and let me offer a very warm Welcome! Into ADI!

Welcome to ADI Azhorabaii, nice to have you with us!

Hi Azhorabaiim,

Welcome to ADI, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Hope to fly (or shoot some pirates) with you soon.

Glad to have you aboard Azhorabali. Welcome to ADI! It’s a great time to begin training. With the launch of 3.3.0 to LIVE there is more people playing and lots to do in game. Most night we have a group doing something in the PU. I’m sure i’ll see you around sometime!

Hey there, Azhorabaii! You have plenty of support in Fleet Security. You should definitely sign up for the basic marine cert. Hopefully they continue to improve FPS AI so we can get some target practice in. See you around the verse!

Heylo Azrobai, Welcome to ADI. Great to hear we have some one willing to put in the work to protect us. Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to the org mate! Looking forward to seeing you out in the 'verse having our backs

Welcome to the org. glad to have you on our team, cant wait till we shoot pirates together in the verse =D

Greetings! Welcome and congrats for choosing to be in our ADI family! I see that you have picked Fleet Sec for your department! They will give all the running and gunning you can stand! I encourage you to participate in a OP. You will love it! See you in game!

That level of dedications always impressive and good to know more Security will be finely trained! Welcome to the organization Azhorabaii!