Saitek X52 flight control system

Hi I bought a Saitek X52 FCS for SC a long time ago and used it I think twice for arena commander when it came out. Is it still viable to use now? It would take me a month to figure it out anyway. Thanks


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Hey, it’ll work fine. Might need a little setup and or adjustment. There’s others here using the same hotas and I’m sure they’ll chip in once they see this.

X52 is a solid choice for a HOTAS. I use one myself. Currently I bind everything in game, I did try using the logitech software a while back but it had issues of losing control after a period of time. May have been due to not having enough power, I still encounter some issues around that now. Definitely get yourself a powered hub to plug into, it reduces the chance on phantom inputs.

As far as binding it goes, you will just have to play around with it and see what you like the most. It’s biggest issue is a shortage of buttons on the stick itself, so you do want to be picky about what you have in use on the hats there. Anything that is specific to a mode (mining, missile) you can double up on, as they will activate only when that mode is active, so you don’t trigger multiple actions at once. If you want to use the mode dial, you will need to use the software, which is finicky but doable. I was able to get it so I could switch from normal piloting to missile mode and mining mode with it. Once I get a powered hub, I will experiment with it again, as it was really handy.

Even if it’s not 100% at this point, there are a ton of resources online for refurbing or replacing parts available for the x52. Should work great.

Great HOTAS I use it for Star Citizen as well as flight sim in conjunction with Voiceattack for extra keybinds.

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Thanks!! Most of the things you guys said is Greek to me… I will have to arrange a time on a weekend in the future to talk to someone and explain the set up… my only experience with stick control is based on my years as a kid with an ATARI system… left, right , up , down… big red button for pew pew

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