Saitek HOTAS and Windows 10

Experiencing issues in Windows 10 when unplugging you X52Pro or other Saitek controller?
Try Saitek’s beta drivers for Windows 10:

The X55 Rhino seems to work fine for me with Windows 10.

I had issues with my X52 Pro. Every time I unplugged the HOTAS the computer will beep when I moved the mouse and I was not able to use any of its buttons (the touch screen stopped working as well).

This seems to have been solved with the beta driver. On the internet there were other people with the same issue, that is how I found out about the solution.

I have had all kinds of problems with this. Long story short, there seems to be an issue with the USB3 and other USB’s. I disabled the USB3 in my BIOS and after a totally new setup of windows 10 have managed to get the system running stable.

I had the same issue, I fixed by going to the “system manager”, selecting the controller and putting it to the basic drivers.

The saga continued when I decided to unplug the x52 pro while the power was on… message came up that the system needed to shut down.
Needles to say the stick didn’t work anymore. Tried to load the same windows to drivers, no joy. In the end I uninstalled everything from Saitek and Madcatz, removed the Madcatz folder from the windows temp directory and managed to install a driver from 2008 when the x52 finally popped up in the device manager. Has been stable so far.

I’ve had similar problems with my X65. Unplugging the device seems to wipe drivers. I was 't able to use Hotas until the following Windows update. After a second incident I used the update option and there was on labeled Saitek.