RTX 3080 at CyberPower

I just got a new baby !!!

I was going to build it my self but CyberPower has RTX3080s and they say they can have it to me in 4 weeks so I jumped on it .

By the time I checked out the only 3080s left was the EVGAs .

So if you need a new a whole new rig and you want a 3080 soon CyberPower has them .

Congrats, that is where I got my current computer too. And I am looking at a new one too to go back to Intel and get a better video card.

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Gratz. If I had not just built one myself w/o a vid card I would be all over that.

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I got my most recent pc from these guys, they’re pretty legit

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I am on my 2nd Cyberpower computer. I like building my own but I have learned it is cheaper to just purchase a system from a custom vendor like Cyberpower. Make sure you get the transport foam and make sure you read the small print because I thought I was getting all the fans in the picture but you have to usually pay for those. I ended up installing my own fan system and it works great.

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Thanks ! I got the foam and went with water cooling .

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Yeah, I am not big into water cooling since one mistake or failure may equal an end to that system. I just usually purchase ample fans and keep the house cool. However if water cooling was so risky, it probably would have ended by now so maybe I should rethink this through.

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