ROC troubles

Anyone else having trouble getting a ROC to fit inside a Cutlas Black?
I have never had problems in previous patches. However this time it just sits in the tight area in the back and will not go forward… like its stuck. Did they change the size on the ROC or the CB?


I haven’t seen that. But seems worth testing.

Normal ROC, or the ROC-DS?

Have people swear up and down they can still fit a DS in but I haven’t seen it happen since 3.18 without an explosion involved.

The ramp on Cutlass is trickier since vehicle traction was addressed, some vehicles can overcome the back of the angular ramp, others have to load up driving in at an angle to the first part. Or brute force backing up the ramp.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the jump seats being visually down when loading the ship in. But their hit boxes register as deployed, causing vehicles to ride up them or get stuck on a closed seat. Until you put them through the open/close cycle.

I did the ROC mining yesterday in a Cutty. Worked fine for me. No issues at all. It was smooth if anything.