RIP Wallet for the expo

The Nomad is apparently a pretty spiffy starter ship, the Perseus is a game changer in concept and of course the Star Runner. These will be early Christmas presents to myself XD.


RIP wallet indeed, daddy needs a new idris.


You need some luck getting it when they release it in waves though

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It is a rush every year, but very interesting to see all the people getting on and having fun. This years space looks beautiful.

You gotta pace yourself; try to limit yourself to one new ship each day during the expo.


Pioneer, Javelin, Endeavor, 890 Jump, Kraken, Polaris, Orion.

I’m thinking I am going to grab a Greycat ROC this week. I was hoping to see the Talon on Sale.

It should be later, on Esperia day. But the Greycats are a good place to start.

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Do you, by chance know what the price was back when they debuted?

90 warbond, 100 standard I believe

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This is correct.

Ok, I spent enough, I spent my $10. Any more, I will draw aggro … lol

Spent it on what?

Upgrading the Redeemer to a Warden. I used melted store cred to upgrade the Terrapin to a Reedemer/Valk since that is more my style than AWACS (no mechanics yet) man … lol

I’m starring down the Vulkan pretty hard. It would be great to have to field a long range exploration fleet.

A good way to check what the current cost for ships are is to go to the pledge store>ship upgrades, then click all ships and then search for the ship you are interested in. The CCU might not be available for purchase but you will see the total cost for it.

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Master Endeavor here… Ugh…

Upgraded a few to 10y insurance and got an MSR and a Sabre

Got the 890i. One I wanted since the ship came out. And now I finally managed to snatch it.
Something about that ship draws me in.

And hopefully later on it will be of more use than it is now.

I could always store my prospector in the hangar and use it as my home base when out mining lol.
Too bad you can’t unload the goods from the prospector over on the 890i and then go out and keep mining. For a bit longer

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