Replacement for CH gear

I’m seriously considering replacement of my CH Products Fighterstick/Pro Throttle/Pedals, as there seems to be some ‘challenges’ using them with SC.

I use Windows 10, so any replacement needs to be compatible.
I prefer a 3-piece solution, with pedals if possible. Twisting a joystick for rolls just doesn’t have the same feel for me.

What do y’all use/recommend?

I would go with the saitek line and also get you an powered usb hub to go with it. The amazon brand usb3.0 7 port powered hub is inexpensive and has been working great for me. Plus if you use the amazon link the org gets a little back to help run things around here for us all.

I checked out the Saitek site. I have a few questions, if anyone knows the answers that’d be helpful.

  1. Does the X-55 Rhino have rudder lock, like the X-52s?
  2. Specs list USB 2.0 do they not have USB 3.0 versions of their products?
  3. Do the Saitek Combat Rudder pedals work well in SC?
  4. The two flight sticks look very different. X-55 more traditional military style, with the X-52 kinda weird looking. Which feels more natural to use. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable flight stick (except the sound of a firearm going ‘click’ in combat).
  5. If you own one of these, and you considered buying both, which did you choose, and why?
  6. Lastly, how do they compare to others, like the TM Warthog?

I’m not terribly concerned with price. I prefer good quality equipment.


Another question to add to the list,
Anybody running a Dual Joystick setup?

I have the X52 pro and like it allot, I am not sure how the rudders work, but many of the higher up have the x52pro or the x55 and like them both. the warthog does look pretty but I have no experience with it.
I would when you get a chance talk to warhog or jayc if you see them on mumble.
sorry I couldn’t be much more help then that.