I’m Renman, I originally bought a MISC Freelancer about a year ago, played for a bit and moved on but came back for 3.0 of course! Now I’ve traded in the freelancer package for a Cutlass Black and am Psyched for the re-work. I also picked up a Merlin to race and get some easy REC.

I’m looking for any kind of Role involving retrieval/transport in dangerous environments…mostly because I love the concept of the Cutlass and feel like that’s where it’d shine after rework hah, but I’m open to suggestions. Anyways I’m looking forward to meeting everybody!

What’s up Renman?

My first ship was a Cutlass Black too! I almost bought a freelancer, but my thought process was that the Cutlass seemed like a jack of all trades type of ship. It was on sale as a game package for $115 and when I read that it was due for an upgrade I jumped on it because I figured that it would only go up in price.

Since careers have yet to be “fleshed out” I figured that the cutlass black would let me dabble in multiple career fields to try them out. The Black can hold its own in a fight, it can haul cargo, you can explore, it can be flown alone or with a crew, it can fit a knox, etc. I bet you could even do some light salvage.

I’m super excited for 3.0.

Hi Renman,

Welcome to ADI. I’m sporting a cutlass Black also and am looking forward to the upgrade. See you out there!

Hello Renman,

Glad you could join us. Cutlass blacks are great ships, wise choice. 3.0 will be an awesome patch too. I’m looking forward to see you around sometime in the future. Best wishes to you

Welcome to ADI Renmam! Good to know who I should call, when I’m shot to pieces.

Welcome Renman!

I think that’s one of the things I love about STar Citizen, I feel like I can always evolve or change my interests and try out a lot of cool ships and opportunities. Right now I’m running a Connie Aquila but who knows where I’ll end up :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get you in on some missions as the PU takes shape!

Hi Renmen,

welcome to the org. The Cutless Black will come back in the rework in some weeks, can’t wait until then. It looked very awesome in the last atvs and even bigger than before

see you soon


Welcome aboard! Looking forward to flying with you!

Welcome to ADI Renman! In Commerce & Transportation division we’ll be prepared to haul everything and everywhere. Looking forward to flying with you!

Welcome! Although I anticipate name confusion lol

Hello Renman,

welcome to ADI. Hope you find here a new familly and friends.
Join us anytime in discord and mumble. Your presence will be appreciated. :wink:

See you soon around the bar at port olisar