Reduced activity from myself

I know I’ve already fallen off a bit, but that’s solely due to championship meets. After the 17th, that will stop consuming so much of my time. My family has gotten pretty sick though (minor stuff, nothing threatening, for those concerned) and I need to help out. This is going to consume a lot of my time, and I’ll try to pitch in when and where I can. I just wanted to make everyone aware that for the next week to two weeks there will be even less Shadow to go around, but that shortly after I should be back in full swing.

No problem at all Shadow, we realize real life takes precedence. :slight_smile:

Hope your family gets well soon and that you win the thing!

Thanks, Ky. I’m going for the 4x200m relay, which we got first in at the regional meet. Pretty sure it’s just the flu going through the house, so I have to really mind my P’s and Q’s to not get sick before the 17th, but I think I’ll manage. I’ll still be around occasionally and should be back fully in a week.