Redeemer vs Andromeda

Hey there, I have just joined and was wanting some outside opinions on the matter. I am considering melting down my andromeda in order to get a redeemer. That being said I have some reservations; my gameplay style is mostly wanting to be situated with support, exploration, and maybe some cargo hauling every so often. The pros that I see in the Andromeda is; more cargo=more profit, a large weapons ordinate, and more gameplay possibilities. Cons of the Andromeda are; Larger target, I will be playing by myself with NPC’s, higher operating cost. The pros of the Redeemer; huge weapons for the size, lots of armour, possibly switch out the troop carrier for more cargo, lower operating cost. The cons being; only forward facing weapons, large blindspot at back, low cargo abilities, and pricey for the ship.
Let me know what you guys think, I am really having a hard time deciding, all input will help!

Keep the Andromeda. Buy the Redeemer later. To put my thoughts simple, the Andromeda’s cargo capacity can help pay for that Redeemer, where as the Redeemer will have a harder time paying for the Andromeda*. Plus, I’m not sold that the Redeemer will end up being balanced like the space superiority battleship that most people want it to be.

The conny is far more versatile on paper that then Redeemer is. Hell, you still get that Merlin and three turrets that, for all we know, will mount the same guns as the Redeemer.

But I dislike the Redeemer, I’m so I’m a bit biased.

EDI: *Big old disclaimer. For all we know, going Merc with a few FPS friends, a Redeemer, and a angry temperament may be the road to NPC mission riches in the PU. I’m flying under the assumption that trade will be easier to master than catching the bad guys and reclamation of property, and trade is a easier system to balance. Also there won’t be anything stopping you from catching bad guys with the Andro and some marines with an angry temperment, but you can only fit so many boxes in the Redeemer.

Why would you be flying with NPC’s most of the time? There will be plenty in this group who can help out. Also Chris Roberts keeps describing the Constellation as the Millennium Falcon which means it can probably run fast. The Redeemer is a boarding / assault ship and is just as large of a target.

Yeah, but can it do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs?

Haha. No. No one else can do that.

It can probably do it in 11 parsecs because it’s a Roberts ship. :wink:

Also why are we measuring time in a distance measurement???

In the commentary for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope DVD, George Lucas mentions that the parsecs are due to the Millennium Falcon’s advanced navigational computer rather than its engines, so the navicomputer would calculate much faster routes than other ships could.

Wow. That is so nerdy. I respect that so much. And I thought I knew a thing or two about Star Wars because I played all the video games…

Although I knew the reason for the “parsecs” part, the text was actually a cut and paste. Sorry, should have included a footnote.

Its fully understands the use-fullness of a straight line… :slight_smile:

Andromeda is my next purchase.