Red_Syns Introduction

Hey all, Red_Syns here!

US Navy, currently in Japan, love pretty much all things space and pew.

Yes, space and pew is very entertaining

Hey nice to meet you, welcome.

Hi Red, Welcome to ADI, we have many interests alike hehe.

Welcome to ADI, Red_Syns! If you love space and pew you’ve come to the right place because we offer a whole lot of both. Which divison did you end up in?

Hello and welcome,
sounds like you have some things in common with the org.
Be sure to keep an eye on our forums when you can, we post ORG ops there.
Hope you enjoy your time with us

Welcome to ADI Red,

I remember when I was doing work on the naval station at Yokosuka. I remember that not far there was this insane full scale model of a gundam robot that they had. Every few months they would change out its armament and have fireworks shows. It will only be a matter of time before we get our own titan suits in star citizen. Great to have you aboard!


Welcome to ADI Red_Syns, and thank you for your service. Japan; I’ve heard its nice there. It’s good that you found us. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome, Red, glad to have you aboard! I’m ex-Navy myself, was a PR3 with a Helicopter squadron down in Jacksonville, FL. glad to have a fellow squid in the Org! :smile: If you need any help with anything or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Howdy @Red_Syns. Space and Pew. I suppose we have those things covered. With what ship/s do you currently Pew pew? I’m guessing you enjoy FPS and space combat? not much of a dog fighter myself but If you are up for some bounty missions or bunker raids I’m in.

Thanks all for the welcome, good to see a fellow squid or two, even if they are aviators. :nauseated_face: :kissing_heart:

MSS, but I’m pretty much always willing to partake in anything.

Still exists, last I knew it was a “Unicorn Gundam” that actually lights up and transforms.

Cutlass Black, Dragonfly, and the new Ares Concepts (F7C-M and Hurricane are the loaners for those, I think).

Hey @Red_Syns, welcome aboard. Space and pew you say? I’m with it. How you liking Japan? If you’re on mid day to early evening (your time) I’m usually on Mumble. If you see me in a channel, feel free to pop in and say hi. Happy to have you, and best of luck.

@Red_Syns Welcome aboard and to the Pew Pew Verse

Will do, my game time runs more along the lines of “whenever I both have time and feel like playing,” haha. Japan has been good to me, but I miss being in the states a bit. Headed to Hawaii in April!