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So it’s been a little while since I’ve last played Star Citizen. I used to have all ballistic weapons on my Hornet’s loadout. Does anyone have any recommendations for a loadout that would work for doing multiple bounty hunting missions in a single excursion?

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A friend gave me this and I am shamelessly passing it on.


In 3.14 (and still in 3.15), CIG temporarily standardized and compressed gun types and gun sizes. Ballistic ammo was reduced to a point of being unusable. The differences from S1 to S5 guns became almost indistinguishable. All guns of the same “class” were given the exact same stats (same with shields). So a laser repeater is a laser repeater. Doesn’t matter which one. A laser cannon is a laser cannon. And so on.

Until the next wave of balance passes, the only viable gun loadout for each ship is laser repeaters or laser cannons. The only ballistic guns that have any potential usefulness at all are ballistic cannons (which don’t exceed lasers enough to warrant the ammo), the new S5 gatling from the Redeemer (because it actually has ammo), or the S7 Inferno (because it actually has ammo).

Other than replacing any stock ballistic guns, there is no reason to spend money trying to “upgrade” guns this patch. If you’ve got lasers, you’re good to go.


They did standartize components, but within same sizes. Difference between weapon sizes and types are still significant. e.g. S5 lazer canon has about x4 dps of S1. And starting from size 3 ballistic weapons have much higher dps then the lazer ones. Though ammo capcity is low right now while they gather the metrics.
What they did change and what cought me off guard was that cannons are more effective againts big slow ships and repeaters are more effective against mobile fighters. So my freelancer with lazer cannons got shredded by a basic aurora :sweat_smile:


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