REC dislike train?

I dont get whats going on with all the REC dislike hype. Isnt that just an extra feature for backers to earn some currency as they passively play the game… What exactly dont these people like about the system? Ive been studying all weekend and im just getting hit by the reddit madness.

More Internet Special Olympics IMHO… just stay away from it all :slight_smile:

Also, some of us have 0 desire to play ranked matches with pvp just to get credits.

In my opinion its great news, that people can try, test and experiment different variations “for free”.

From what I understood, COOP VS is supposed to earn REC as well.

Who knows. I play ranked matches often enough as it is, so nothing will change for the negative for me.

People were happy before they implemented it, why be mad now?..
I mean its not like anyone’s losing anything. It’s just a nice bonus on top of having fun and testing the game.
Get a sneak peek on what owning a certain ship is like if you play enough.

The bulk of the distaste for REC seems to people’s perception that this is introducing a P2W or Freemium mechanic to the game, which is something CIG has stated they’re wholly against. Best I can tell, folks against REC see the credits as dangling the carrot in order to bait more pledges. I don’t think CR could have been more clear over the past week that this isn’t the intention behind REC at all, so it seems to me it all comes down to whether the individual trusts CR & CIG. Those who don’t see this as the slippery slow towards P2W.

I don’t see this as anything more than encouraging those who don’t have $125 to shell out on a Hornet to get in game and test so that CIG can balance things more. I don’t want a game where the only fighter worth buying is the SH and everything else is just a pretty XP pinata.