Reaver01 - intro

Been in ADI since 2015 but haven’t done anything Star Citizen for a while. Noticed the forums and figured I should do something to make myself official!

Mustang Beta
F7C-S Hornet Ghost
Aegis Sabre

Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI Reaver01! Glad to see you made the jump to the forums.

How are you liking the Aegis Sabre? I’ve been debating getting one.

Hello reaver01!

It looks like since you were last with us in 2015 that some things have changed and as a result we need you to go through an onboarding that will get all of your accounts and details matched up with what is in ADIs record, as well as inform you of all the things that ADI has to offer. When you have some time, please hop onto our Mumble server ( … tup-mumble) and inform one of our staff (who will come to greet you), that you are an old member who needs to redo their onboarding.

Reaver, I love the ship loadout and your welcome to fly with me anytime. I’ll see you in the verse.

Welcome Reaver01, which division did you join?

Welcome Reaver01, Good to have you active again. Catch you soon on mumble! bye changenl