Raynor105 reporting in!

Greetings Citizens!
I only heard of this game a month ago and now have pledged enough money to have a Constellation and an Aurora!
I am really excited about the potential of this game and the close knit community that I am seeing surrounding it. I was a long time player of City of Heroes, and the main reason I kept playing that game (when it was still around…) was the people playing it. The graphics were sub-par compared to newer games like DC Universe online, and SWOTR. The area of play was tiny compared to WoW. However, the community of heroes and villains was like going to visit extended family. That is what I think Star Citizen will have and has the potential to have if we all want it.
I hope to be able to see you all around the verse, and maybe we can crew a large ship together.

First off, welcome to ADI. We are building a tight knit community here that you may enjoy.

Welcome raynor105,

Glad to have you on board! hopefully you will find ADIs community as family oriented as your other game. Be sure to hop in Mumble from time to time in order to help familiarize yourself with a few of the many members we have. Hope to fly with you soon!