Rakkaman Intro

Hello I am a new player to Star Citizen so dont really know what is going on yet in game, havent got to play much due to system issues.

I received an email about joining ADI, so I began the process, I am awaiting one final piece to upgrade my computer then I hope I will be able to play without anymore issues.

I am a more casual player and may not be on 24/7 like some but willing to help out and work towards something greater when i am on and also willing to learn every aspect of the game. Look forward to playing with more experienced and mature gamers.

Welcome to ADI Rakkaman glad to have u part of the org

Welcome, Rakkaman! Hop on to mumble once you get a chance and we can finish getting you set up. The great thing about ADI is that there are no activity requirements and you don’t have to be on 24/7. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to ADI Rakkaman, glad you could join us :smiley:

Thank you everyone, I am in the process of getting an ssd and a headset so I will be on as soon as I can.

Welcome to ADI Rakkaman :smiley:

Welcome to ADI! And welcome to Star Citizen!

Welcome, Rakkaman!