Questions on Racing in SC

Has anyone done racing in SC?

I have not but want to try it out. Just not sure how it all works and where to go or what to do.

Do you have to own a racing ship?
Is it only done in arena commander (saw a mention of doing it there)?
Can you do it in then PU, and where do you go?

If anyone else has questions please add them.

Any info anyone has please post. Thanks.

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Someone in here will know for sure and find this soon.
As far as I’m aware ship races are only officially done in arena commander. I’m not sure about needing to own a ship but I’d guess that you could rent a ship and components.

There’s plans to implement it in PU, Grim was recently updated to accommodate a viewing area, bar and every thing else to support betting and racing between the asteroids. I believe there’s some fluff on it so you could Google and do a bit of reading.

There’s a race called the Daymar rally that’s hosted in PU. It’s worth a Google and I think it’s run by the community. ADI had one recently that looked a lot of fun. It went across the lake on Microtech.

If you’re online and there’s others on mumble you can always say you want to do one. Everyone usually bundles onto a Carrack then descends upon some poor mining station. Everyone spawns a vehicle drives out into the middle.of nowhere then races back to the ship.

Just remember to set your respawn on the Carrack med bed :smirk:

Now that Razors are available during the free flight weeks, it would be so cool to organize an ADI event with everyone racing with the same ship. Maybe a for a future ADI racing division.

Been years since I last raced. Currently it is still available in Arena Commander. Problem is finding an opponent. IIRC, you had to use one of your ships. You won REC is you win, a lesser amount but still some just for finishing.

Thanks for the responses. I love rally racing and in SC it looks like space rally racing which would be cool. I saw the razor for sale and was tempted as I do like racing and I have never done space racing before so it looks really appealling to me.

I am still working toward a prospector as I love mining in this game but racing would certainly be another top area of interest for me…a long with everything else you can do.

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We have the free racing misc ship ATM because of free fly. If I’m online I’ll race against you. I’m getting better at surviving collisions with stationary objects! I bounced the Banu defender off of Daymar three times yesterday and I was fine. Sure there was a few flashing lights and leaks but it didn’t explode and no parts fell off.

Yea that sounds good.
Is racing only available in the mp of arena commander. Went to the sp practice but it was just waves.

Not a racer, but check out:

Origin 350r, Origin M50, MISC Razor and Mustang Omega

I’ve been told, by those who race, 350 is best in straight-aways but M50 is best combo of acceleration and turning. I’d add the P72 to that mix but it’s a snub and you may not want one due to it’s lack of q-drive.

I couldnt resist and bought the misc razor. Tried it in arena and liked the way it felt. Hopefully get a chance to race soon.

I will check out the origin m50 too.

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I live the misc ships. They’re my favourite manufacturer in the fluff

MISC ships are cool but not pretty in general, except maybe for the Razor.

I like Misc too and i do really like the freelancer, but love the cutty black more.
I think i would go Drake over misc (at least in terms of freelancer vs cutty) but the razor hits a sweet spot for me and i really do love it.

Can anyone recommend any areas in the PU to practice my piloting of the razor for racing?

Microtech, go under bridges; and flying low in the mountains like we do for flying boxes. Daymar for the ravines and mountains. If they create an air race track in the future, it will probably be like AC.

As for Drake vs MISC, I like both for different reasons.

  1. MIS for combat and/or boxes.
  2. Cutty Black is like an Utility Helicopter or Jack of All Trades, Master of None.
  3. Freelancer for entry level trading but I really don’t need it any longer. I basically use the loaner when the Ship Retrieval malfunctions or the F7C that is a loaner for the Freelancer.

Thanks for the response. I havent used the cutty or freelancer in combat yet. I just side with the cutty right now because I use it for my ROC and doing mining on daymar for hadanite.

I just recently picked up the prospector which is a beauty too by misc. Injust havent been able to find good ore to mine. Only making 4k on my runs where as with the ROC and going for hadanite i can get 220k on a full haul.

I hope there will be good uec in racing at some point. Space ‘rally’ race just gets my blood tingling…all I could think about today is getting on and taking my new razor for a rip.

I am at PO now so I may just start off at daymar, but microtech may offer better training. I will do both.

Thanks again.

For organized ADI racing events, what would you guys like to see?

So far, we have had the following races;

  1. Ursa Rover racing on Daymar and one on an Ice Moon of some sort.
  2. Cyclone race on Hurton
  3. Cyclone/Anti-grav vehicle race on Microtech.

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