Question about odd graphics glitch

Hey everyone,

I’ve looked this up on Google but can’t seem to find any information on it, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s something on my end. Fairly often when I join up in a game of Co-op Vanduul swarm, I seem to spawn in stuck inside some rotating white sphere with my pilot’s arms contorted weirdly in front of me. If I switch to an external view my ship looks normal, except on the pilot close-up view, my pilot is not in the ship. I still have full control of my ship however. Anyone else experience this and have a way to fix it? Right now the only solution has been to exit the match. I’ll grab a screenshot next time it happens.

Sounds like you should add a ticket in the RSI forums section. Get a screenshot if you can.

I’ve experienced a very similar glitch, it turned out (for me at least) it was my FOV / e_ViewDistRatioDetail & other rendering distance settings being very wrong.

Have you tried deleting the User folder in Star citizen/Public/?
Also if your using a custom .cfg file, try without and see if the problem persists.

Could also be the Avenger bug, similar description. Try Vanduul with a different ship, or auto-destroy and see if it works?

Thanks guys, I’ll give those ideas a shot, and submit a ticket. The issue has occurred with both my Avenger and 325a. Will let you know how it turns out.

I have the same issue in the 315p. After I die in the group battles, I will usually respawn without the boneless rubber arms.