Pulsar Lost Colony

Does anyone play this, looks fun and I want to play it but none of my friends has been convinced to purchase it yet.

Am in the UK so play GMT hours if there are any takers.

I have it. I am in the central US. (GMT -6)

Have been following it but not picked it up yet - is it worth a look?

If answering honestly I would have to say, not quite yet.

There’s a few things to do but not a widely diverse amount for everyone, it’s got potential, check out a few vids on youtube.

Hey fiftystone, a group of friends and I play it and love it, but we’re always looking for more in our crew. We’re UK based as well. If you add me to Steam we’ll see if we can get some more flights going. (steamcommunity.com/id/nimmo)

I’m sadly quite horrible at gunnery, but was quite enjoying pilot when I last played. Our Engineer is good as well, but does seem to enjoy turning off the shields to give the rest of the crew a fright. We are the two main crew, with others dropping in and out of the various other roles as they are about.

I think there have been some big patches recently, so quite a few mechanics are different and I’d love to get some crews made up to go out there and explore some space.

Have added you, see you in there one day.

games looks interesting, i been pretty temped to pick it up.