Public Testing Universe (PTU)

[size=200]PTU - Roll Call[/size]

[size=140]A place to discuss and post information and experiences for Star Citizen’s PTU[/size]

Who’s messing with/on PTU?
I’m downloading atm and will be on it, anyone else?

I’ve got it loaded up, and I know there are several others

…any major differences?
I thought it would be good to post this here so we can combine ideas and help shape the direction of playability of the game via input to the devs. Kind-of like an out-sourced qa team. Though its still Alpha, I think even early stage input will get noticed by dev’s if they didn’t consider the idea/suggestion. Like the drifting at high-speeds when you make a turn outside of 30 degrees or so. I’d kinda like to see that widened or stronger thrusters implements to eliminate it all together, so I don’t have to use a burst from my afterburner to level out in the new direction.

If I understand correctly, you want them to make space flight behave like atmospheric flight? That doesn’t sound right to me. The “drift” is due to the conservation of your momentum, which is normal in space.

For giving them feedback towards where the game should aim in your opinion and that kind of stuff, between reddit and the official forums you have space the be heard and debate your ideas with a wider player base. Maybe I understood you wrongly but it would seem more appropriate to me to use these platforms.

Yep, bounce ideas here, write the consensus on the reports to RSI on the forums. I just value opinions here more then on a forum.

*as far as the ‘drift’/‘sip’ there’s a lot more as of the last patch in coupled flight. What I was trying to convey, is if that was the intent from the beginning and it has been implemented/fixed, extra thrust on the directional thrust as an upgrade would be nice to see in-game.

PTU is testing for 1.1.2[/size]

[size=120]**Note: This IS a long download if your starting from scratch! A separate sub-directory will be created downloading the game and version being tested to your Star Citizen folder. If your not interested in helping with the new patch (writing bugs) stick with the PU and wait for the normal update.

Steps to test on the server: (old passwords should work/sometimes you need a new one)

  1. open and login to -RSI-[/size][size=120]
  2. click ‘MY RSI’
  3. from the menu click ‘MY ACCOUNT’
  5. click ‘Copy account to PTU’
  6. login to your email account you registered with RSI and locate the email with subject “PTU
    Account Copied!‏”
  7. copy the password
  8. open the Star Citizen launcher
  9. click the ‘cog’ icon in the upper right of the launcher (settings)
  10. locate the drop-down menu next to “Game Channel:” and select ‘Public Test Universe’
  11. click ‘Close’ (this will restart the launcher)
  12. paste/type the emailed password (this will connect your to the PTU and start the patching process)