PU no 'Spaceport' available for logging in

Hi all,

A new issue for me, I have no ‘spaceport’ or ‘system’ to select in order to join the PU. I think it usually says ‘Stanton’, but today there is no option available.
Are the servers down for maintenance, or a new patch - or is this an oddity that others have seen?

It does.

Recommend you verify your game files (it is in the settings tab)

I Verified the game files - no change.
I deleted my USER folder - no change.

I checked my subscription status - good till Jan. 2020

I am submitting a ticket now; I can’t join Star Marine either - although, I was able to connect to a single-player only arena game. So strange.

Did you change your game packages during the sale at all?

I did melt my original pledge package and repurchase the 10-year Insurance ship. It shows an active subscription on my account though…

so, yes.

A ship or a package? You must have a package.

Take a screenshot of the expanded ship and we’ll be able to tell you if that is the issue or not.

I would also hint into JayC´s direction - make sure that you have a game package. If you just purchased a stand alone ship, you won´t have any access to the verse anymore, since you melted your intitial game package.

You can also filter your hangar inventory according to Game Packages. If you won´t get any indicated, you must purchase a new one (or may be contact the support for clarification)

I have not heard from RSI on my ticket yet, but it seems pretty clear that I melted my original game package.

The subscription is not the same thing, so even though I have a valid subscription, I can’t join until I purchase a ‘game package’ again. Unintended consequence. Oh well…

Thanks guys for helping me understand this issue.

You don’t need a subscription to pay the game - those are just a fun way to support the outreach side of the game and get monthly perks, and tons of REC :slight_smile:

Devs have said SC will never require a subscription, it’s entirely optional. It funds things like the videos - note that Inside Star Citizen is sponsored by subscribers. This way ship pledge money can goto the dev of the game!

Another thing you can do is visit this page:

It’ll tell you if you’re missing any requirements.

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