PTLO Introduction

Hi I’m PTLO And been playing since 2017


Welcome to ADI PTLO. I’m glad you’re joining the team. I hope you like mining or the prospect of salvage gameplay. I’d love to have you in my division.

Greetings PTLO, welcome to ADI. What are you looking forward to most? I like to run cargo, it can be pretty relaxing but also kinda scary :)… See you in the verse!!

Hi PTLO, welcome to ADI.

Hallo PTLO and glad you could join us in ADI. Welcome!

Welcome, and salutations. Do tell, what does PTLO stand for?

Program and Training Liaison Officer
Part Time Linguistic Orator
Prescribed To Limit Odors

Am I getting closer?

thanks for the welcome. I may give salvage a go in the future but I’m more focused on trade/combat for now.

30ks are the best part of trading nothing is better than good old fear while trading.

Thanks for having me

Thanks it seems like a great org.

It was supposed to be Pluto which was taken and I wanted a short name so people could add me so I ended up with PTLO.


Hi @Pluto-ish
Welcome to ADI

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Working on your profile now, welcome to the org the best in the verse

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