Psyberius Reporting In


Received an invite through the official site. Checked out the description and this seems like a good place to be!

A little bit about me: I’ve been gaming since well before it was “cool”. I’m “I was only a year old when the Atari 2600 was released” years old. You get the idea…

I am new to the Star Citizen Verse and I really like what I have experienced so far. It’s buggy. It’s broken. But hey. It’s in Alpha. I see so much potential in Star Citizen and the potential within it. The fact that it has such Blade Runner, Alien, Firefly and even some Star Trek vibes most certainly adds to the draw of this game for me too.

That said. I am honored and excited to be along for the ride. I have done a good deal of online gaming and been a part of various online communities, guilds, clans, competitions etc. I am also familiar with general voice comms usage (although I am new to Mumble).

Hope to see you out in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI Psyberius. I’m glad you pursued the opportunity to join us. I agree entirely, Star Citizen has enormous potential and like you, I and dare I say, we have faith our investment will be rewarded. ADI is an awesome org as you’ll soon see. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Welcome Psyberius! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

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Hi Psyberius. Welcome to ADI. Glade to have you with us.

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Welcome abaord Psyberius. Good to have you with us! Love your attitude and understanding of the Alpha environment. Look forward to flying with you.

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Hello Psyberius and welcome. You’ve got the right attitude…SC may be Alpha, but it’s still a load of fun. Now you’ve found the right org for the journey. Check out the Join ADI link at the top of the forum page if you need instructions on Mumble, or drop us a note. Look forward to meeting and flying with you soon. See you in the Verse!

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Psyberius, welcome to ADI and thanks for the solid intro. You are spot on about all the issues SC has right now in alpha and also spot on about what an amazing place it already is and will be in the future. Look forward to flying with you soon.

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Hey there Psyberius! Welcome to ADI!
We’re happy to have you!
See you in the verse!

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Welcome to the org, Psyberius! I think our vision and strategy maximize the potential that this game has at release. ADI is full of old school gamers. Not sure how else people can afford to run this game otherwise. It sounds like you are a great addition to the org and hopefully you have some great experiences with us. When you have a moment, hop on mumble and complete your onboarding. See you, soon!

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Thanks all for the warm welcome! I generally work a lot. But I have Mumble set up and ready to go. Hope to be able to log in soon to say “Hey!”

Hello Psyberius and welcome to ADI! I hope you find ADI to your liking! We have a lot going on, even through the bugs and broken issues in the game! ADI is a great place to be and let us know if you have any questions! See you in game!

Hello Psyberius and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! Classic gamers always have an appreciation for the newer generation stuff! If you’ve any questions, concerns, or just need a hand feel free to ask around in the mumble,discord, or here on the forum.

Atari 2600, there was something in the early 1980s. Wasn’t it? I guess I was 13 when I got one, sticking my bum to console games initially.

But anyway, welcome to ADI and have a great time here

Welcome Psyberius to ADI, if you have questions feel free to ask other wise i see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI web presence Psyberius! If you like to join, check out the join link for more instructions regarding joining and onboarding. If your name has been changed and you are already a member Welcome Aboard and regardless, see you soon in the verse!