Prospective new member - H1ghcard

Hello ADI:

I’d like to join your org.

I have experience in several MMOs and will work hard for the org.
My game play style is slow and steady. C&T will be my choice.

Look forward to meeting everyone!

Nice meeting you tonight! Can’t wait to fly with you and Brahk.


Hey H1ghcard. Glad to see you made it over here finally. :wink: Lets shoot some baddies.

Welcome to ADI H1ghcard it was nice talking with you on mumble, T+C is a great place to hang your hat I look forward to flying with you see you around.

Hi H1ghcard,

Welcome to ADI good to have you onboard. C and T is a great with great logistics you win wars!

C u soon on mumble,

Bye Changenl

welcome H1ghcard, I’m part of your staff so please feel free to contact me with a question, or getting on the pu, or ptu together. We have a lot of people ready to help you with not only star citizen, but tec, controller or even comp questions.

Hello H1ghcard,

I’m glad you’re here with ADI. As SC undergoes its alpha phase many of us are playing SC together as well as many other games. If you have time mumble is a great way to stay connected to our community as more content is developed. Best wishes to you

Greetings and Welcome to ADI!

I think You will like this Org as they are a very helpful and active!

Glad you are part of us.

Captain Kern: