Pirate Gladius qualification

Does anyone feel like doing a round of Pirate Swarm? The idea would be to qualify for a Pirate Gladius. Not sure if it will still be available after the 3.20 change to Arena Commander

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I can participate tomorrow (8/25) after 6pm est. and over the weekend.

I can join you two on the 25th.

I personally doubt they get rid of them. They either need to make the ships LTI if they’re going to continue charging real money for them or give them away free for winning though.

I could also join but I typically can’t jump on til 8:30pm Central. Don’t wait up for me, but if it works to go that late, I’m game.

Awesome, can we try for 5 pm EST? After that I have plans for the evening. Can meet up in “Star Citizen/PU/Group Rooms → Room 1” on Mumble

5pm est today? I don’t know about me, sometimes I can pull off gaming ready by 4:30. I can pretty much guarantee after 6pm though.