PC update ideas.

As the title says, I’m looking at updating my current build and I was wondering what you guys think of what I have so far and if you would suggest any changes. I’m going to use most of the parts I already own (1TB HDD and 500GB HDD, 125GB SSD, 1000W PSU, etc). My graphics card is a little old (EVGA 550TI 2GB edition), but I’m not sure if I want to update it or not. So far I’m looking at these parts:

Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 AM3+

CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo)

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866MHz

So that’s pretty much where I’m at as far as updates. What do you guys think?

Run away from AMD CPU’s

couldn’t agree more with Jay on this one. I personally prefer Intel CPU’s. Look into an I5 4690k and you should be fine

Hey there ! In my opinion, AMD processors should be purchased when you don’t want to fork out the extra for Intel. Intel runs faster than AMD and runs a lot cooler ! (From what iv’e read) GPU wise, In all honest, the new 970 MSI card is amazing. I purchased it this year to update my old 1GB XFX card. From what I’ve read in benchmarks and gotten from users. The 970 is an amazing card for the price It is also 4GB. (My retail price was about $550 CAD) Don’t get the 980 unless you want to spend the extra $200 for 10% more performance. The MSI card also comes with a cool program called “MSI Gaming app” Which gives you 3 modes. OC mode Gaming mode and Silent mode. As for your ram, that vengeance is the way to go my friend ! I recently just got 16 GB of the Vengeance and wow, sure blows my old stuff out of the water ! :slight_smile:. Oh and also for you ram, 1600 Mhz is a little cheaper and honestly just as fast. You wont really notice a difference at 1866 Mhz unless you’re doing video editing and such. (Please correct me if I am wrong). I am a computer enthusiast so I like to keep up to date with all the specs and such. I do like your new build !. Here is what I would recommend.

Keep HDD PSU. For your gpu it’s up to you and your wallet. Price to performance I’d go with the 970.
Processor wise - Great choice, I do recommend liquid cooling, (I personally use a 240mm cooler master seidon) However corsair makes great counterparts ! (If you don’t mind spending extra get Intel !)
Ram - Great choice. (G.Skill is also a good choice)
Mobo - Asus the way to go !

My PC specs:
AMD Black edition 8-core 3.6 Liquid cooled with Coolermaster Seidon 240 mm
120 GB SSD with Win 8.1 pro 64bit
MSI Twin frozr GTX 970 4GB gpu
16 GB Corsair vengeance 1600 Mhz
750 PSU
ASUS Crosshair V formula motherboard

Regards, Your friendly Canadian, Seth

Thanks for the warning guys! What seems to be the problem with AMD exactly? Is it like ECHO said, it’s just that Intel is faster or is there more to it than that?

After looking around a bit, this is what I came up with using the new info you guys gave me:

MOBO: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK1 ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K Processor 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I54690K

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

I’m not 100% on the Mobo though. You guys have anything in mind that may be better in this price range?

There is just no price point except very inexpensive low end CPU’s where AMD is competitive…

Also you need to wait until the new Broadwell CPU’s from Intel start shipping at the end of this month.

To be honest Cold, I’d stick with what you have, from what I’ve been reading, that motherboard is a good choice. It also comes with HD audio built in, so unless you’re a DJ you’ll get the exact sound you’d like from your games. Yes it is a little bit pricey. But what no one understands about your motherboard, is that it is the connection to all your hardware, and mustn’t be shunned as a lower priority part. If the price doesn’t work, try looking at some lower end ones, they are all generally the same. ASUS has great quality motherboards and are my #1 choice.

Oh, and if you have high end peripherals, don’t forget to plug them into the USB 3.0 ports !! A lot faster !

Oh and yeah about processors, Intel is faster for multitasking and video editing as well as gaming, Intel chips are also more power efficient.

However, an AMD chipset has never failed me yet, and my 8-core has lasted 2 years now without any problems.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:. I also give you the prices in USD since there’s a $ conversion difference on the Canadian websites.

CPU’s are rarely the failure… but you’re AMD CPU costs too much, and runs too slow… Top dollar AMD’s can be beat by $250 Intel chips. It’s sad but AMD lost the CPU race back in 07/08 and have never recovered.

It’s likely due to the fact they must outsource all of the chip manufacturing and Intel doesn’t. In video cards this isn’t such a problem, since Nvidia has to do the same, so they’re much more competitive… And there are price points that place AMD GPU’s ahead of Nvidia.

Again, if you can WAIT to upgrade Broadwell desktop chips will be shipping shortly, and offer up to a 22% performance increase over the Haswell chips selling today… and Skylake will be shipping before the end of the year and will offer even better performance against the Haswell chips today.

The usual “not wanting to fork out the extra for an Intel” should never be used with someone who’s gaming. Especially when one wants to purchase a fairly high end, high performance graphics card. So, if you just want to enjoy Star Citizen and play on low/medium settings, what you have is fine. If you want to crank it up to 11, I’d recommend Intel. However, regardless of that, I am still going to recommend Intel. Because too much power and speed… is a good problem to have.

You maybe spend $100 more for a DRASTIC performance increase that is going to knock every AMD CPU out of the park in every category. I say this as a previous AMD user and someone who has seen many many other friends and members lack the performance of certain games that are CPU intensive. Like the Arma series and the CryEngine for example.

Water Cooling and overclocking an Intel on top of that doubles the performance increase on top of that versus an AMD CPU. I recommend anyone creating a gaming rig and putting a pretty decent card in their box that costs over $300, just go with an Intel. You’ll never regret it.

Consider this: AMD FX-9590 Eight-Core 5.0Ghz Processor price tag is $234.99 - It use to retail for $349.99
The Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5 Ghz Processor price tag is $229.99. It’s retail price use to be $264.99.

Ghz speed does NOT matter as much as people think it does. The Intel will still outperform the AMD processor. The great thing is once you do overclock the Intel, it will be even faster. There’s just nothing an AMD processor can do to beat an Intel in performance speed aside from throwing that processor in Liquid Nitrogen.

My PC Stats:

Processor: Intel core i5-2500k CPU @ 4.80 GHz
Cooler: Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler @ 28° Celcius - Under 90% load
Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengence 2133 Mhz DDR 3
Power Supply: Corsair 850w GOLD
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LK
Video Card: EVGA Nvidia GTX 970 ACX 2.0 SSC
Physics Card: EVGA Nvidia GTX 670
Monitor: 50’ Vizio 4K LED TV + 27’ Acer LED Monitor

Confirmed! I could not have said it all any better ( some good advice from ECHO here) - My MSI Gaming GTX 970 rocks my video world! :exclamation:
Current Newegg Price… $350…

Wow sorry for the wrong price on that 970 !!. Great card though !

If it helps, I have set up my own personal wish list on Amazon… you can take a look at that and see what you think. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas. [url]http://amzn.com/w/1VWJ8LZV24U2C[/url]

For reference, the reason the power supply is so high is (eventually) I plan to get 2 of the video cards and 4 monitors (3+1 configuration). Not immediately, but hopefully fully operational before SC launches. I will probably get each item one at a time, most likely starting with the joystick so I can start getting used to it, then the video card.

Just a reminder, if you use the links in this thread to buy from Amazon, the group gets a kickback at absolutely no extra cost to you. [url]https://atlasdefenseindustries.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1171[/url]

Close at all to a Microcenter?

And that motherboard is, well, about $70 more than I’d ever spend on a Z - series board. I’d shoot more toward the $150 - 175 range. Was a Asus whore for years, but recently everything I’ve put together was Gigabyte based. Don’t like Asus sub $150 buck boards much as the mounting leaves something to be desired, and the boards themselves just feel cheaper than they did when i was rocking a K8V Deluxe. Their $200 plus products are outstanding, but I’d rather put more money in the processor and the GFX card than the board.

Well guys, thought I’d update you on my upgrades. These are what I order have no have installed:

Case: Rosewill Viper Z

Mobo. ASUS Z97-A

CPU- Intel i7 4790K (Oc’d to 4.8 Ghz using ASUS’ 5-Way Optimization)

RAM Corsair Vengeance LP 1600

Cooling: H100i

freaking LOVE this build!!

Good pick on the ASUS board. One I don’t think I’d complain about. (note the 9 motherboard mount points). Really good pick on the memory too, I assume the CAS 9 stuff, and not crazy on the mhz. The the LP stuff comes in handy with larger CPU coolers.

I’m not doing anything other than gaming so I don’t really need anything higher than 1600Mhz on the RAM

No one really needs more than 1600mhz, only place I’ve seen any change is with AMD APUs, which you wouldn’t be buying for SC anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same memory, Did do a RMA on 1 out of my 4 DIMMS, but Corsair was real good about it and its been running solid since.