PC Crashes Atfer playing SC for a few mins

I tried reinstalling no joy

Dropped settings to low ( with my specs something very high shouldn’t be an issue ) still crashing

I have a RTX3080 64 RAM CPU I9 10900k

temps look good

running the latest drivers

The only fix I saw was uninstall Nord VPN … that doesn’t make alot of sense to me

Have any of you seen this ?

With that rig, no you shouldn’t have any problems.

Shouldn’t use VPN for gaming…but I’ve been told it impacts performance not the ability to keep connected.


I dont run a VPN while gaming and none of the services are running

Make sure the user folder is new and not the old after reinstalling and verify the files. It doesn’t always work but it has in the past for me.

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I manually deleted the folder

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And you rebooted after uninstalling Nord to make sure the bindings were removed?

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