Overdrive: The PvP Threat

BLUF: Keep your head on a swivel but this was also to be expected. Bad actors are using the Overdrive event as bait for piracy.


I’ve received other reports of PvP/pirate engagements at the Overdrive hotspots while also using the event to pull in citizens to their location. My experience below:


Engaged by a party of four to join in an Overdrive 2/5 event. [Party 1] requested C8R specifically but was loading the C8X since the Carrack already contained a med bay. During QT travel, [Party 1] notified that they were “down” but need to be knocked out so they could be tractor beamed to C8X.

Mission was completed before arrival and new mission was shared to party. Upon arrival, began to assist in moving injured personnel to ship. [Party 3] and [Party 4] left to next mission marker. [Party 2] opened small arms fire.

Regenerated at Port Tressler. Claimed reconfigured F8C, retrieved stock Harbinger, and left party upon launch. [Party 1] stated in chat “Guess he lost some valor.” No response given. Followed ROI, zeroed in on previous death marker and provided the Destruction In Kind to one C8 and Corsair.

Previously shared mission was still displaying waypoints. RTB to Port Tressler and piloted F8C to waypoint. Upon approach at 20km, mission shifted to next stage. Scanned two ships, verified [Party 3] and [Party 4] ships. Provided Destruction In Kind. No gear from assailants was taken.