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hi my name is Harry and i have not been on star citizen for a extremely long time i bought it years ago and then stopped playing before i could learn all the basics due to exams but i am back now with a new computer and ready for all the challenges star citizen can throw at me and i will not back down i will carry on going and facing these problems head on and im ready to learn everything this game has to offer

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Welcome Aboard Outcast! With an attitude like that, challenges better run for cover now! Looking forward to flying with you!

Welcome to ADI, @OUTCAST! I know how you feel; I backed SC all the way in 2013, but I can honestly say I have played more Star Citizen since joining ADI than I ever did before. It’s a really great community and a well-run operation. See you in the 'verse!

@OUTCAST I hope the exams went well and welcome to ADI. I was asked a very good question on my intro that I’m sure someone will ask. What aspects of gameplay most interest you in SC?

Welcome to ADI OUTCAST. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.


Welcome to ADI.

The quickest way I think to get back into it is to join us on mumble and fly with us. You can find players in public gaming playing Star Citizen throughout most hours of the day.

Welcome to ADI! Don’t worry that you didn’t get to learn all the basics years ago, things have changed a lot since then, so you won’t have to relearn as much :wink: And you are in the right place to do some learning, as we have a large group of very knowledgeable and skilled individuals who are more than happy to pass on what they know. See you in the verse!

Hi Outcast, Welcome to ADI! Glad to see your enthusiasm. Much has changed since SC’s first release, but there are plenty of experts in the org to assist when you need it. See you in the verse.

Hi Harry, Welcome back and to ADI!

Welcome @OUTCAST !

Great to have you in the org. This is a great place to learn to game. Looking forward to traveling with you in the 'verse.

Hey OUTCAST! Welcome to ADI and welcome back to SC! I know what its like to get swamped with real world stuff and resurface into SC after a break. I hope to join you in exploring the game!


Welcome to ADI! So much to learn about Star Citizen, but we have so many experts on it. Hopefully see you in the verse.

welcome @OUTCAST! you have a great attitude and I think you’ll do well here in ADI. we have lots of experienced players that can get you up to speed again, just hop on mumble and we’ll be happy to help you. see you in the verse!

Hi Outcast
Welcome to ADI, looking forward to meeting you and don’t forget to hop on mumble lots of good guys there to help you.

Hallo Harry and welcome to Atlas! Congratulations on the new computer and the ability to return to Star Citizen! Always good to return now that we’re past the new flight model release and things have changed so you don’t have to relearn old skills and you’re starting fresh. If you’ve any questions or need a hand we always encourage people to ask in mumble, discord, or here on the forums for either!

Welcome to ADI, Outcast. When I first started playing SC my computer barely ran it, but I like the game so much I decided to get a better computer. This game is so detailed and has such a sense of scale, the upgrade was worth it. I hope to see you on Mumble soon so we can party up. Take care and see you in the Verse.

Howdy Harry!

You will for sure test the limits of that new computer, but you seem to have no limits when it comes to challenges. Keep up the positive attitude man.

See you in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI, OUTCAST, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

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