Out of Commission.

Starting today I will be out of town and unavailable to make any events and will be offline from both Steam and TS. You can still reach me through Steam mobile, and if its real dire, Shadow0510 and Zarkloyd have my number. I will not be back until December 6th at the earliest. I wish the rest of you a happy Holiday, good luck, and good flying.

Happy holidays Hype, hope you have a great trip/vacation!

Have a safe holiday, bud!

Advanced Christmas Wishes :slight_smile:

I’m placing this here in order to avoid multiple threads on the same topic. The title seems fitting and I hope you don’t mind.

I’m travelling abroad and won’t have regular Internet access, nor access to my desktop computer. Thus, I’ll be unavailable for any ADI activities. I’ll be back on the 24th of December. By then maybe we’ll have Arena Commander 1.0 and I’ll be playing regularly through the Christmas holidays.

Take care,
M.A. Bravo