Opinions Please: Logitech G915 Gaming Keyboard

Has anyone used this keyboard? Would you please give me your opinion regarding its functionality. TIA

I’d look towards the G815 instead, I never really trusted wireless keyboards for gaming.


I would agree with Jay there. I have a G910, which is wired, and I love it. Works well and I use the color key map for different games.

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The Logitech G Hub software also works well. I use it with my Keyboard, my G933 headset and Brio webcam. I also have a Yeti mic but am waiting for the mic arm to arrive before I really use it.

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I can’t speak to the gaming variety of it, but I use a Logitech G915 TKL w/ Tactile keys as my daily driver and I love the feel of the keyboard,

I’ve used other Logitech Gaming keyboards in the past w/ good experiences, so I feel like the gaming variety for this one would be good.

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Thank you all for your input. I ordered a G815 this morning and look forward to its receipt with great anticipation.

I use this keyboard, and can say I have never had a better one than this:
Wooting two HE - Fullsize analog keyboard