Opinion - Constellation or Corsair

I am looking to make a larger purchase for a ship and would like to know the pros and cons of each and what people would recommend.

Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you.


That’s going to be heavily opinion based I think. What do you want the ship to do is the main question.


I would say I’m looking for an all purpose type. Something that can fight if I need to. Run some cargo, transport vehicles, etc…

I’ve flown both and my vote goes to the Constellation if I’m going to pay with money out of pocket.


Greatly depends on what you are looking for.

Connie is a good all round ship, can fight, haul cargo, carry vehicles and depending on variant supports exploration well. But it’s an old ship by implementation and it shows and a rework is uncertain. Probably the better choice if you are looking for a multi-role ship.

Corsair is newer, slightly less cargo but I find the cargo hold better accessible, it has slightly more balanced armament than the Connie but the Connie packs a bigger punch overall, flight seemed a bit more pleasant than a Connie, also it’s new so it has new tech and design elements and might have less issues long term.
Corsair would be my choice for more combat focused and exploration gameplay as that’s what it’s balanced for.

A very wordy summary (with shiny footage of both) can be found in one of my recent videos Star Citizen - The best exploration ship? - YouTube

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I haven’t flown the Corsair much, but I like my Connie Taurus for cargo hauling