On the seat or on the desk?

So where is “the best” place to mount your HOSAS? To your desk or to your seat?? No inappropriate suggestions please…oh what the hell. Let’em fly!

Depends on your setup, where the best place for you would be, and what type of HOTAS setup you’re going for. Custom rigs, chair mounts, desk mounts all work, it just depends on what type of setup you want to go with.

I’m going with a HOSAS setup. And either way will certainly work. I just wanted to get the opinions of you folks who have tried both. My hardware will be Virpil VPC Constellations with the left stick on a Z extender.

I just keep mine on the desk really. Got dual VKBs and as they have plenty of weight, Ive never had any issue. However, ive thought about mounting them on my desk a number of times. Will it make a difference? Not sure.

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For optimal flight, a joystick mount is going to give you better control during flight. I’d hold off on the HOSAS if you haven’t already purchased it, and get a feel for the master modes that are about to drastically change dog fighting.

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They’re both sticks. Or do you mean a single stick?

I’ve experimented with both and I would say that the biggest factor is how long you can hold the position comfort wise - for me the chair mount was the least comfortable while the desk was the most. A lot of this also has to do with your chair height position and your reach positions to the controls (both HOSAS/HOTAS and your keyboard/mouse)…

I also hated HOSAS… but thats all personal preference. In general tho, you want something comfortable where you dont need to be strained in a position as you will often be holding it for long periods of time.

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PVC mini-cockpit was my jam back in the day. Cost like $25 to build and was super comfortable, but it might not work depending on your PC setup.

After doing some more research I’m going with a desk mount setup. Thanks to everyone for your input!

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