obsolete Introduction

Hello I’m 29 male in California looking to do transport in my freelancer Max.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI. What do you do in California?

Welcome Obsolete,

29 year old here too. Glad to have another transporter. Hop in a flight night sometime if you’re free. Best wishes.

Hello 0bsolete and welcome to ADI! I am 27 male also in California but I’m looking more at the exploration. I did my time transporting in Eve and will probably leave those happy memories where they are. Feel free to jump on Mumble any time and say hello! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me or find me on Mumble. Fly safe!

Hello 0bsolete,

Welcome to ADI.

If you need escort for your transport, feel free to call us in discord or mumble and we will assist you for a safe travel. (I wish 3.0 is coming soon :smiley: )
Freelancer Max is a nice ship. I do have the standard version and maybe will look for the DUR as well.

Hello Obsolete,

Nice getting to know you a little last night and to have another ARK team member. Hopefully SC Alpha 3.0 will be out on schedule and incorporate commerce into the game. Remember to take advantage of the Mumble and discord servers, they are a great means to connect with other org members. See you out there…

Great to see another space trucker joining the team. Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries 0bsolete!