Hey! I’m looking forward to playing with you all![center][/center]

Hey Oblivionsbane. Welcome to ADI. I had a good time during our lengthy chat today.

You sounded like you were interested in becoming an expert at repair. Our Mission Support Services division could be a good home for you then. Eventually you’d be able to work on a crucible as a repair officer, doing direct repairs to our most important ships.

Message me anytime if you have any questions, or just want someone to fly with. :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard OblivionBane!

Look forward to seeing you in the verse, and when I get my Capital Ship… I would love to have you as a Engineer on my boat!

Hey Oblivionsbane,

Welcome to ADI! Nice chatting with you this evening. Remember to take advantage of our mumble and discord servers which are a great way to get to know other members.

Welcome aboard you picked the right place.

Welcome to ADI I hope to see you in the game soon feel free to join in any time all skill levels are welcome.

Hello Oblivionsbane,

I’m looking forward to playing with you as well. If you hop on mumble you’ll see a number of user-made channels with games that others play. Feel free to check out and play some games with us. I look forward to get to know you and fly with you in SC sometime soon. Best wishes

Hello and Welcome Bane,

I hope to see you around and have a talk or play some games. If you ever have any questions you are always free to ask me or any of the staff.

Fly safe

And I´m definitely looking forward to play with you! Haha
Welcome aboard!

Welcome to ADI Oblivionsbane, Always good to see new faces coming into the Organization. Happy to help out in any way you may need. Do keep track of our calendar so you know when events are happening. here is a link atlasdefenseindustries.com/calendar